Medical Debt

Medical debt is the number one cause of bankruptcies in the United States.

In 2020, 15% of Maryland residents reported having medical debt. Medical debt can happen to anyone – to people with and without insurance, to low and high-income people, across racial and gender lines. However, while medical debt can happen to anyone, it disproportionately impacts low-income communities and communities of color. Our Medical Debt program provides direct assistance and education to Marylanders struggling with hospital debt through our Medical Debt Freedom Fund and a medical debt Know Your Rights guide.

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Got Medical Debt?

Economic Action Maryland’s Medical Debt Freedom Fund provides mutual aid to liberate patients from crushing medical bills.

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Know Your Rights.

Find out about hospital financial assistance policies, your rights under Maryland medical debt collection laws, hospital payment plans, and more.

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The Medical Debt Freedom Fund

Economic Action Maryland’s Medical Debt Freedom Fund works to erase hospital medical debt for low-income Maryland families. The Medical Debt Freedom Fund provides financial assistance to eligible Maryland residents with hospital medical debt. Through the Medical Debt Freedom Fund, we work to free Maryland patients from crushing medical debt, end harassing calls from debt collectors, and provide former patients with the peace of mind to heal and recover without having to worry about paying a hospital bill they can’t afford. The Medical Debt Freedom Fund receives financial support from foundations, individual, and monthly sustaining donations. To donate to the fund, click here.

A Guide To Your Rights

Medical Debt Protections Maryland

There are new laws governing medical debt collections and protecting your right to affordable hospital care. We designed a guide to help you understand your rights and responsibilities under Maryland law if you are being pursued for hospital debt. The guide walks you through different options and rights you have to receive affordable hospital health care at different stages in the process which are specific to Maryland.

For questions, Please contact our hotline, 240-531-3093 or email our team at,

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