Securing Older Adult Resources Program (SOAR)

The Securing Older Adult Resources Program (SOAR) works to improve the economic security of older adults through direct assistance, research, advocacy, and organizing.

Direct services include assistance with the Maryland Homeowners and Renters Property Tax Credits, earned benefit screenings, financial coaching and counseling, and consumer education on financial exploitation, common scams, and digital literacy.

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Financial Counseling

Our SOAR Counselors offer financial coaching and counseling to meet individual senior’s needs, avoid financial hardship, and access benefits. Seek our counseling support to respond to a financial challenge. Pursue longer-term financial coaching to gain support in setting individual financial goals and reaching financial milestones. Both our coaching and counseling services provide clients with highly individualized guidance and support to improve financial well-being.

Earned Benefits Check-Ups

Economic insecurity is a daily reality for thousands of older adults in Maryland. Many older adults are eligible for assistance programs to reduce their expenses, increase their financial support, and help them age in place. SOAR Counselors connect older adults and individuals with disabilities with benefit programs that can help pay for health care expenses, food, utilities, and more.

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